Saturday, February 4, 2012

Now Comes the Hard Work!

So you've been writing a book along with me; you've gotten it published and survived editing, illustrations, and layout (yeah, someone else was doing all that work!)  Yay, you think, now my book is published and we're done!  But that would be where you and I were wrong!

Now comes the fun part.  I am working with a fantastic marketing representative, who will help me navigate the waters for the coming months.  It is estimated that the average new book sells 200 copies or less.  (see Ten Things All New Authors Should Know About Publishing by Terry Cordingley).  A new book by an unknown author is generally considered a success if it sells 5,000 copies.  There is a big disparity between those numbers!  I don't know about you, but I am shooting for the 5,000!  So out of the thousands of new books being published this year, how do I get people to notice mine?  What is special about it?

Half of the battle is writing a decent book.  The other half is getting it into the right hands.  There are many good books sitting unsold in bookstores.  You may have never considered yourself a sales person (I haven't), but now marketing your book is your full-time job.

I have gotten a good start.  I have already sent emails to my entire Christmas card email list; invited my church, homeschool group, and local friends to an Open House at my home; and started setting up book signings.  I have one concrete book signing set up and several more in the works.  I have information on both of my blogs and all over my personal Facebook page and my business Facebook page.  I have given away a few free books as promotions.  I have arranged to have some people review my book on their blogs.  I hope my family and friends aren't getting sick of hearing about my book, and I have no desire to push any of them to buy it or to make them my main market because they feel like they have to help me out.  At the same time, I want to make sure they all know every last bit of information about how and where to purchase it in case they do want it!  I would hate for a good friend or a cousin to say down the road, "I didn't know you were doing a book-signing.  I wish I could have gotten one!"  So, I think that part of the market is pretty much saturated.  They know!

Now I will begin reaching out.  I am having a homeschool seminar in my area, where I will talk to the students about writing and publishing a book.  As I said, I am pursuing contacts for book-signings.  I will keep this blog updated as to my schedule.  The official release date for Amazing Animals by Design will be April 3, 2012.  After that, the marketing group will be setting up book-signings in bookstores and other venues.  Until then, pre-release marketing is key to getting the word out.  The book can be purchased directly from the publisher, and I will be signing and selling books from my personal inventory.

My first public book-signing will be on Saturday, March 3, 2012, at Cups-N-Cones in Havelock, NC, from 10am-2pm.  If you're local, come on out and meet me.  I'd love to sign a book for you!

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