Saturday, February 4, 2012

My First Book-Signing

Just to reiterate, my first public book-signing will be on Saturday, March 3, 2012, at Cups-N-Cones in Havelock, NC, from 10am-2pm.  If you're local, come on out and meet me.  I'd love to sign a book for you!


  1. I haven't checked in for awhile, congrats on your upcoming premier! I am following you because I am writing right now and hoping to be doing this(what you are doing)later this year. I am with Tate as well. A homeschooling mom of four, I worry about schedules and how I am going to balance all of this...but I know God has His Hand in it. I wish you well Debra! I wish I lived closer to you. I'm in MN. I will have to order my book online. :(

  2. Thank you, Rachel! It sounds like we have a LOT in common! I know what you mean about schedules, but I think homeschooling makes it easier because we can be flexible. I also have four. I think this whole process is extremely educational for the children and that helping me with book signings will be a wonderful experience for them. I generally divide our schoolwork into the bare minimum that has to be done, and the other things I'd like to do. If we need to during book signings, we will get the bare minimum done early, and not worry about the other for a few weeks. I have no problem doing that b/c my kids would never get this experience in public school. Next week they might even be on the radio with me!

    Keep me posted - I'd love to check out your book! Are you one of the TOS Crew bloggers? If so, I am probably already following you, but let me know your blog and I'll make sure!

  3. I wanted to let you know we received our book and my son LOVES it!!! We had to read it right away (three times, he's 6 yrs old and into repetition) and look forward to being able to use the link in the back of the book. From when I ordered it from Tate's website and got it took less than 5 business days. I also rec'd confirmation from them when they mailed it out.

    I am NOT on TOS Crew Bloggers and would love more info on it? You can reach me at: twistyourstitches DOT com.

    And yes, we do have a ton in common!!!! Congrats on your being published!!!!