Friday, August 3, 2012

Amazing Animals by Design Available at CBD!

Amazing Animals by Design is now available at Christian Book Distributors!

Between my husband's books for ministry and my books for homeschool, we shop quite a bit at CBD.  It's very exciting to now see my name on their site!

eLIVE Experience

Tate Publishing offers a unique eLIVE feature for their books.  That's an acronym for:

L isten

I magine

V iew

E xperience.

Not only is an audio version of Amazing Animals by Design being made, but if you purchase a hardback or paperback book, you will receive a coupon code for a free copy of the audio download!  Complete with page-turn chimes, this is a great way for your little ones to be able to appreciate the story over and over for themselves, and to practice reading!  Andrew Steinly just completed the audio version, and I signed the authorization form.  The finishing touches will be done, and the audio version should be available shortly!  Each step of this experience has been so exciting for me.  Hearing my story read out loud on the audio version was a lot of fun!

The book signings this summer have gone really great.  I don't have any more planned in the immediate future, but I will be working on doing some more in the fall.

I'll keep you posted!