Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Lapbooks in the Works

I have learned a whole new world of lessons since embarking on this writing and publishing adventure.  One is that everything takes far longer than you think it will!  When I sit down to whip up a little story or writing assignment for my own homeschooled kids, or to write a poem for a card for a loved one, it is often a matter of just sitting down in front of the computer for a few minutes.  So in my head I think, oh, I know it will take effort to get things published, but I should be able to get something out there every couple of weeks.  Ha!  Not!!  The research and the thought process and the writing and rewriting and editing and rewriting again can be a very long, involved process.

Knowledge Box Central has been very patient, and I finally sent in my next lapbook and study guide, Harvest on the Farm.  Hopefully I got it there in time to get it published this fall.  I wrote it in conjunction with Holton Farm here in New Bern, North Carolina.  This past year, they just started offering fabulous and affordable school field trips.  This unit study will be a great companion product for anyone local who makes that field trip, and it will also be good for anyone else who wants to tour a farm or just study about farms.

Now we begin the next phase - if you write or if you've been reading this blog, you know what it is - the fear-inducing EDITING phase!  KBC is a gracious and encouraging publisher, and I am happy to make any changes they feel are necessary.  After all, I want the product to be good when it is finally published!

Stay tuned, and hopefully I'll soon have news of the new guide being published.  If you are on the road to hopefully getting published, take some time to browse through my blog here, and keep writing!

Have a great day!

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