Saturday, June 1, 2013

Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbooks

I love to write, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be published, but first and foremost, I write and scrapbook for my children.  I love the fact that they love to pour over the scrapbook albums I've made for the family, and my girls enjoy scrapbooking now, too.  So I was extremely happy that my kids also enjoyed doing the unit study and putting together the lapbooks I just had published for the Theory of Intelligent Design!

The youngest just drew pictures!

We did the lapbook study for K-8th grade, and it was about a 6-week unit study for us.  This is a great unit to do over the summer in between your regular science curriculum studies, and your kids will learn things about Creation and Intelligent Design that they will not learn in many other places.  The Theory of Intelligent Design Lapbook and Study Guide is available now at Knowledge Box Central.

Happy Lapbooking!

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