Friday, October 21, 2011

Final Edits!

This is an exciting day:  I just sent my final edits back to the publisher for my book!  We have sent the manuscript back and forth a few times and several editors have looked over it in the past couple of months of Copyediting and Conceptual Editing combined.  The changes were minor, and they are done now.  I just signed the "Content Approval Form," which means that the content of the book is set in stone, and it will not be changed again other than the minor spacing or other things that must be changed during layout. The words and sentence structure will not be changed.  This feels significant and permanent!

My children are equally as excited.  My ten-year-old has been reviewing the final manuscript to give her approval, and she wants to know if I know the name of my illustrator yet!

That is the next step, if you are following my journey to publication here on my blog.  An illustrator will be contacting me shortly, and we will begin working on the visual designs to accompany my story.  I can't wait to see those drawings materialize!

Oh, and have I mentioned more than a few dozen times that there will be a version of this book with 3-D illustrations, and 3-D glasses to accompany it?  You know you want one!

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